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5 Healthcare Business Ideas for 2019

As the saying goes, health is wealth. That’s why so many entrepreneurs are turning to the healthcare industry in 2019. The fact that this industry is so highly regulated is seen as more of a challenge than an obstacle. Whether you are a healthcare professional or not, it has captured your attention as well.

Here are some great healthcare business ideas for 2019:

Healthcare Fairs

If you are a great networking and planner, organizing a medical or health fair is an excellent idea. It allows you to market your own services and offer other entrepreneurs the same opportunity for a price. The general public is attracted to fairs because of the offers of free screenings for early signs of disease and the chance to compare service prices and see what’s out there.

Personal Training Services

This market is literally booming! Have you checked the #personaltraining hashtag on Instagram lately? 5.3 million posts! If you have an athletic background, get certified to share that information and expertise with others for a fee. Having a personal trainer is a huge thing for the upper class, so be sure to target the right market with your advertising.

Help your clients get fit and healthy and who knows?! Sooner rather than later, you may be launching your own fitness center!

Mobile Screening and Testing

Provide mobile screening and testing for your clients and remove the need for yet another visit to the hospital! You can provide basic patient vital signs monitoring services and even insulin shots.

Maternity Center

If you are a midwife or have the desire to become a midwife, especially if you live in a rural area where access to a hospital is difficult, consider opening a maternity center for pregnant mothers.

Sales and Lease of Medical Equipment

As a business owner, you can attract sales from clients such as hospitals, clinics, and government agencies by selling or leasing medical equipment. Make your business the affordable bridge between manufacturer and client, and watch the sales come in.

Learn the step-by-step process for starting a healthcare business in this blog post!

Good luck with your new venture, and be sure to let me know what your business is in the comments!


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