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Clinician to Entrepreneur: Reigniting Your Passion in Healthcare

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As most of you know we (as healthcare professionals) are no strangers to the demands of our field. Long shifts, the emotional weight & responsibility of patient care, and the pressure of administrative expectations can lead many of us to look for another path.


Feeling Lost and Undervalued in the Corporate Healthcare System

Feeling lost and undervalued in the large corporate healthcare system is one of the most common complaints. It had me wondering if there's more to our careers and lives beyond the hospital walls or clinic doors. As a nurse anesthetist, I often felt alone behind those surgical drapes. I felt like I was missing out on all my family events, I lost connection with most of my friends because I was always working or on-call.

It was a rough period in my life, so I started to study business and entrepreneurship, looking for a way to live life on my own terms. I think many of us entered this profession with a clear vision: to heal and to make a tangible difference in the lives of our patients. We also want to create a good life for ourselves and our families.

Yet, the reality of healthcare's business side and operational demands can sometimes overshadow our motivations.

Considering an Alternative Route: Starting Your Own Healthcare-Related Business

If you've found yourself pondering the possibility of reigniting that initial passion, perhaps it's time to consider an alternative route: starting your own healthcare-related business. That I was I did, and it's been an amazing ride

I get it though, the idea of stepping into the entrepreneurial side of healthcare seems daunting. It took me 2 years to finally pull the trigger and launch my business, which happened to be a ketamine therapy clinic.

Finding A Niche in Healthcare Entrepreneurship

I am so glad I did, it allowed me to practice in areas that I was genuinely passionate about. I chose ketamine therapy because I saw firsthand how devastating depression can be for someone (it was one of my family members). And I knew ketamine could help because there was a lot of research on the topic.

Maybe your interests are different though, whether it's a niche clinic focusing on wellness through IV hydration therapy, or offering personalized care through health coaching, providing primary care, or even home care services…The possibilities are endless.

If you are looking into starting your own healthcare business I would recommend that you think about the aspects of healthcare that resonate most deeply with you. What has always sparked joy in your work? Is there a particular patient need you've noticed that isn't being fully addressed in your current role? Is there something clinically that you are particularly interested in or good at?

Often, exploring pain points, problems, challenges, and inconveniences in those specific areas is what you will want to explore first.

Remember, every business must be able to solve a pain point, fix a problem, solve a challenge, or ease an inconvenience.

Investing in Education and Specialized Training

Educating yourself and getting specialized training is the key to any successful healthcare venture. You want to consider investing time and money in courses or certifications that align with your interests. This not only enhances your skills & confidence but helps boost your credibility in your niche.

Healthcare entrepreneurship is hard, highly-regulated, and competitive (because it's one of the most lucrative industries to be in)...

I think finding a mentor or engaging a consultant who has successfully done what you want to do can 100x your chance of thriving. They will have invaluable insights that can help you avoid mistakes and speed up your progress. Building a network of fellow healthcare entrepreneurs is one of the best ways to get support and find opportunities for collaboration.

The Benefits of Being a Healthcare Entrepreneur

Making the move from clinician to healthcare entrepreneur is scary, but I believe it can also be a path back to doing what we love, one our terms, with more freedom, autonomy, and even income.

Starting a business is about building yourself an income-producing asset.

It's about creating something that can be sold for 3-7x its profits. It's about creating a space where your values, knowledge, and passion for patient care can be the priority without all the bull crap associated with working for a greedy healthcare corporation.

You are not alone though, me and thousands of other healthcare business owners are out here ready to support you.


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