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How To Whitelist An Email

Please Note: We are now managed by Healthcare Boss Academy so all our emails are sent from

We know that the biggest predictor for your success is consuming and taking action on the information we share.


To ensure each email makes it to your inbox we've put together an easy-to-follow guide to make sure you don't miss a thing.

Depending on when you read this and which email provider you use the steps you take may vary slightly.  

Below are some general rules to ensure you never miss an email and a walkthrough for creating specific folders.

Check Your Spam Folder

Because we're a business with a business email address we sometimes end up in people's spam folder the first time.  If you're expecting an email from us and don't see it make sure to check your spam or junk folder.

If the email is in there open it and make sure to mark it as not spam.  From there it should be moved to your regular inbox.

Also not that some email providers are now using a promotions folder and we might have ended up in there.

Reply To Emails

One of the easiest ways to ensure you keep getting our emails delivered right to your inbox is to periodically reply to one of them, especially the first one we sent you.  This will tell your email provider that you do want to hear from us.

We also love hearing your input and feedback so anytime you feel like sharing your thoughts or opinions, please do so.  While we do our best to respond to everyone it can be difficult at times as we grow and depending on what projects we have going on behind the scene.

If it's especially urgent send an email to as that is monitored very closely.

Add To Contacts

Add as a contact in your email provider.  

Create A Folder or Filter

Creating a folder or filter will help keep all the emails organized if you ever want to go back and read them again later.  This can also make it very convenient to check if you've received anything new from us if you're inbox has a lot of unread messages you don't feel like sorting through right now.

Create A Filter In Gmail

Filter Messages.png
  • Click the 3 vertical dots at the top of the message.

  • Click Filter messages like these.

Filter 2.png
  • Make sure the From field says

  • Click Create filter

filter 3.png

Here you have several options to choose from:​

  1. You'll want to create a new label, we recommend the title Ketamine Academy for easy reference.

  2. Make sure to click Never send it to Spam.  That way it will always be in your inbox.

  3. Always mark it as important.  This puts a little yellow marker next to make it easy to find.

  4. Make sure to categorize as Primary this way it won't get sent to another folder.

  5. Not labeled on the image above but the final option is to "Also apply filter to matching conversations."  In case you've already received a few emails from us this is helpful to make sure they get labeled as well.

Create A Rule In Outlook Or Hotmail

rule outlook.png
  • Click the 3 horizontal dots and then click on 'create rule' 

rule outlook 2.png
  • Click on New Folder and then type in Ketamine Academy and hit enter.

  • Click Ok to save the rule.

Create A Rule In Yahoo

yahoo filter.png
  • Click on the 3 horizontal dots and click Filter messages like this...

yahoo filter 2.png
  • Click New Folder then type in Ketamine Academy and press enter.

  • Click Save

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