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  • Writer's pictureJason A. Duprat MBA, MSA, APRN, CRNA

The Decisions You’ll Make as a Healthcare Entrepreneur


Becoming an entrepreneur should be more exciting than intimidating. But it is intimidating all the same. The scariest decision you’ll ever make is also the most important one of all: It’s the choice to dive into the endeavor in the first place.

You may think the most important decision is your name or the type of healthcare business or the determination of the amount of capital you need. But making the initial commitment represents a change in mindset. With that decision, you transform from an idea generator to an action taker. Just make sure you follow up with the right actions!

Once you make the decision, start telling people about it—this is a great way to keep yourself accountable. At that point, you’ve committed. It’s happening. Social pressure is real.

There are plenty of questions to be answered and solutions to be found in the beginning stages of your business as well as legal proceedings to check off. Take a look at my post on How to Start a Healthcare Business in 2019 for a step-by-step guide to the process.


It’s not over once you start. As a business owner, you’ll have to make choices and respond to situations everyday. Each one will be unique. There are three types of decisions you’ll make as an entrepreneur: good decisions, bad decisions, and non-decisions.


These are decisions that move your business forward. They lead to growth, great employees, bigger networks, and an engaged online community. Do your research to improve the likelihood of making good decisions.


These decisions are learning experiences. Whatever happened, choose to see it as an opportunity to learn a better strategy or process for the next time you encounter the situation. Never see it as a failure but rather a misstep on the road to success.


These are the worst kind of decisions—yes, even worse than bad. Non-decisions involve endless deliberation and no action at all. As an entrepreneur, it’s imperative that you ACT and ENGAGE for better or for worse. Make a decision, because there will be consequences either way. Better to make the wrong decision than to take no action at all.

If you’ve learned anything from this blog post, I hope it’s to be decisive in whatever you choose to pursue, especially in the world of entrepreneurship.

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