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Introducing The Ketamine Academy: An Online Ketamine Provider Training Course

Hello and welcome. It is Susan from

As a brief summary, I write about my experiences and journey with Ketamine Therapy on my website, The Injection and Infusion Clinic of Albuquerque, as well as, The Boise Ketamine Clinic. I have a long history with treatment resistant depression and anxiety disorders. My personal mental health care resume includes numerous failed medication cocktails, ECT, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Talk Therapy and hospitalizations. I admit I understand how all of these treatments could potentially help, but they never did for me. It was a little over two and half years ago that I was introduced to Ketamine for depression. I am alive today because of a drug that is raising many questions and concerns from the professional world.

I wrote a four part series answering questions about Ketamine use, based on my experience with Ketamine therapy over the past 3.5 plus years, for The Injection & Infusion Clinic of ABQ.

My first blog, Ketamine: Addressing Questions & Concerns focused on my early experience with Ketamine Infusions. In part two of the series, Addressing Questions & Concerns About Ketamine Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression I addressed questions and concerns about Intramuscular Ketamine verses Ketamine Infusion therapy. In my third blog, Frequently Asked Questions: Redefining Depression With The Assistance Of Ketamine Therapy, I was a bit more random. I had emails with several questions and themes and I addressed as many inquiries as I could. In my final question and answer dialogue, Pondering Concerns & Questions: The Benefits Of Ketamine For Treatment Resistant Depression, I discussed research, clinical studies, and the need for changes to occur within our insurance companies and federal government so that maybe one day Ketamine will not be so difficult to afford or obtain from any qualified professional.

In my latest blog originally posted for The Injection & Infusion Clinic of ABQ I am so incredibly excited to announce, The Ketamine Academy. The Ketamine Academy is a new online training program to help practitioners learn a step by step, proven method, for becoming a Ketamine provider. I have been wanting to shout of this news for weeks now. I wanted to mention the Q & A blog series I have previously written to help cover Ketamine information I may not addressed in this blog series because of my enthusiasm with the introduction of the Ketamine Infusion Training Course.

I am truly stoked to finally have a perfect response to those of you reaching out to me wanting to know more about Ketamine therapy. I have had so many people email me or seek me out to ask how they can become a Ketamine provider. In the past, I have attempted to help by assisting in introductions or making calls to connect the questions with a person that had experience and was willing to share their time and knowledge. I can honestly say that I never felt like those forced conversations were enough information or an adequate representation of the importance of safe low cost Ketamine centers to me and others suffering, lost, in pain, and hopelessly in the dark. I wanted to give more. I am driven to advocate. I want to educate. There is definitely a need.

It was discouraging and often frustrating trying multiple times to get two busy professionals on a conference call together in order for their inquiries to get answered correctly. I have been researching and putting together a Ketamine Provider & Location list for close to a year now hoping to help those suffering with Treatment Resistant Depression find hope. That is what Ketamine offered and continues to give me; hope. I am not the only person that saw a huge need for an online program to educate and assist people in becoming a knowledgeable Ketamine Provider.

I have devoted my full attention and the next three blog posts exclusively to explaining what The Ketamine Academy is and why I am thrilled by the prospect of an online training course dedicated to helping qualified individuals build their own unique business and assist in growing the number of safe locations available nationwide to provide Ketamine therapy to those suffering with treatment resistant illnesses. Ketamine has shown such positive results in minimizing the symptoms of depression as well as several neuropathic pain conditions. I find comfort and relief routinely with Intramuscular Ketamine shots and I don't see that changing. I strive to make Ketamine a well known drug for treatment resistant depression in hopes of bringing one more tortured being into the light where they can find moments of symptom free living.

In this first of a three part series I will introduce you to The Ketamine Academy. I will review what fabulous content and benefits you could obtain by enrolling in the Ketamine Infusion course. This Ketamine Infusion training course is being offered to all qualified Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), nurse practitioners (NP), physician assistants (PA) and physicians alike. I am ecstatic be writing on such a wonderful and potentially helpful training course.

Be sure to join me the next couple weeks for part two and three of this blog series where I share my interview with, Jason Duprat, the creator of The Ketamine Academy and this much needed online Ketamine Provider Training Program. I spoke in depth with Mr. Duprat and look forward to blogging about our conversation on relevant Ketamine news in a two part informative interview.

The founder and pervious owner of The Injection & Infusion Clinic of ABQ, Mr. Jason Duprat, has put together a comprehensive online training course. As the founder of The Injection and Infusion Clinic of Albuquerque, a full time anesthesia provider and course developer, the content included in this course relies upon Jason's rich academic and clinical experience with Ketamine.

The Ketamine Infusion Therapy Program offered at The Ketamine Academy is a detailed program that combines theory with clinical practice; meaning research meets lessons learned with on-the-job experience. This program includes all major aspects of Ketamine therapy that have practical clinical use and pertinent business value. The teaching approach is derived from Jason Duprat's clinical experience and the scientific research of Ketamine infusion therapy conducted in clinical trails and research studies. The Ketamine Academy's program is one of the only standardized, coordinated and comprehensive training programs in the use of Ketamine.

Once again, this online training program is designed for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), nurse practitioners (NP), physicians assistants (PA) and physicians. The program will provide you with tested and proven lessons learned so you can get your clinic up and running in a smooth and hassle free way. There is absolutely no reason now to get caught up in the fear of costly pitfalls. This course will guide you through the entire process, potentially saving you hours in research, stress and doubt. Not to mention the potential of saving thousands of dollars in costly mistakes, you know the ones, those dreaded mistakes that we learn only from heavy challenges and obstacles most of us will run into along the way. I think any start up business has these painful time consuming lessons. However, with the help of The Ketamine Academy's training course you may be fortunate enough to skip these pricey delays because this program prepares you for what you will need to do to accomplish that end goal of being a business owner, Ketamine provider, your own boss, and a provider of hope.

Mr. Duprat created The Ketamine Academy to help others, like him, interested in providing low cost Ketamine treatments to other suffering from Treatment Resistant Depression and Chronic Pain. Jason's ultimate goal with The Ketamine Academy's training program is ensuring that every student completing the course is competent in their Ketamine knowledge, infusion therapy techniques and is ready to incorporate it into practice. During my recent interview with Jason Duprat about The Ketamine Academy, we spoke in depth about his new training program and website going live. Jason informed me that the Ketamine Infusion Therapy Program is now open for early enrollment for those interested in saving a spot, and I encourage you to sign up. We need more clinics offering low cost Ketamine for Treatment Resistant Depression.

During our conversation, which I plan to write extensively on in my next couple blogs, Jason elaborated on why he felt compelled to put this course together and what he hopes qualified practitioners will take away from the program. Jason shared how he wanted more freedom in the work place. The long shifts at the hospital, those hours were starting to take a toll. He has the same dream we all have at some point in our lives and that is to be our own boss.

Jason also eloquently expressed to me that after discovering how Ketamine was helping treatment resistant depression patients from a fellow colleague, he knew what direction he needed to go and started his quest to become a Ketamine provider in New Mexico.

Jason discovered Albuquerque really needed a Ketamine clinic, and because of his education and background, he was in a position to move forward and open his clinic, The Injection & Infusion Clinic of ABQ. With his anesthesia background, Jason has gained extensive experience with Ketamine. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of Ketamine pharmacology and administration. Jason is the sole owner and primary provider for his Ketamine Infusion clinic, which is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was in his Injection and Infusion clinic that Mr. Duprat gained the real world experience needed to become a skillful specialist in the area of opening Ketamine clinics. He also has become an authority on the use of ketamine infusion therapy for mood disorders and chronic pain.

Jason insisted during our interview, and I believe him, that he is planning to be extremely accessible to those that participate in the program. Mr. Duprat assured me that he will help in any way he can as you get your clinic set up and operational. Jason learned a tremendous amount of valuable information during the process of setting up his operation. The training course will surely review unnecessary errors you could make. Jason made his share of mistakes that cost him valuable time and money. We discussed his nemesis by the name; regulations. It is difficult finding the time to research especially if you are working a full time job. It gets even trickier if you are a student trying to complete your MBA.

Time is crucial.


The hours spent locating the correct information can be overwhelming and discouraging to say the least. Jason brings all his experience, the crushing failures and the more positive successes, to the course and shares a step by step process for opening up a Ketamine clinic.

Join me next week for the full interview and an inside look at this amazing Ketamine Infusion Therapy training course.

I asked Mr. Duprat some tough questions during my interview with him about The Ketamine Academy, and I was very impressed with his responses. I sincerely feel that he has put together a complete program.

The instructor will invest extensive amounts of personal attention with each student because Jason wants you to leave the course feeling prepared and confident. This program will provide you everything you need to know in order to develop a successful Ketamine Infusion Therapy Clinic. I will point out that The Ketamine Academy is not just a training program for start-up business owners - this course can also assist those individuals wanting to incorporate Ketamine infusions into their current practice.

I was recently visiting The Ketamine Academy website and read that the course is for practitioners who are interested in entering the exciting world of entrepreneurship. I agree. I think the Ketamine Infusion Therapy Program will guide you step-by-step on how to open your own cash-based clinic. I think it will also give you a valuable education on Ketamine and how this new drug therapy could potentially change or save a life. Ketamine is a game changer.

This training course is necessary, extremely necessary, in my opinion. There is going to be a higher demand for Ketamine centers now that this "old" drug is making the news. People suffering with chronic pain and treatment resistant depression are going to be searching for a facility in their area. Ketamine is a hot topic. Ketamine has made it all the way to TIME magazine.

TIME placed Ketamine on the cover of their August 7th, 2017 issue. It makes a Ketamine advocate like me very happy to see a big publication splashing their covers with HOPE.

Ketamine is finding its way into conversations; more and more every day.

According to The Ketamine Academy website their program could assist you in opening a clinic capable of generating gross revenues of over $1,000,000. The Ketamine Academy provides the only standardized, coordinated and comprehensive training program focused on Ketamine education and creating your very own private Ketamine practice.


You can become your own boss while simultaneously helping offer hope to those, like me, that believe optimism exists only in motivational posters.

I was pleased when Mr. Duprat notified me that he was going to be offering a training course to help Ketamine provider get established. I was over the moon. I have a strong motivation to get more low cost Ketamine centers opened. Ketamine, this drug works and more individuals need access to it. It offers me color in my life again.

I have written on how I feel Ketamine surrounds me in a colorful warmth and drapes me in refreshing bright light and soothes me. I had a recent Ketamine session that crystallized how important color is to me and inspired my last piece, Pulling Back The Darkness With The Use Of Ketamine Therapy. I feel color. I have lived in darkness my entire life. Decade after decade. I wasn't clueless. I knew I was missing the passion and love I now have for vibrant colors. Ketamine is colorful Hope. The Ketamine Academy might just make it possible for more health professionals to risk thinking outside the box and becoming their own boss. The course provides more than just education. It also has built in support. Fear can keep us all frozen and stuck in place. It is our own limitations that keep us back. We are capable.

Our doubts undermine us.

Another outstanding point to mention is how The Ketamine Academy addresses the hiccups in our own expectations and how that influences the success of any of our life endeavors, and specifically how it directly relates to becoming a Ketamine provider and small business owner.

The Ketamine Academy offers the most flexible Ketamine training program in the nation. You can access the course information online at any time. The course information is available to you 24/7.

I noticed when I was reviewing the training program on The Ketamine Academy website for enrollment options, they state in the course description that their online didactic component will be a self-study course to be completed prior to initiating clinical training. The online component is asynchronous and can be completed at your leisure. They will also work to accommodate a clinical training experience that fits any busy schedule. Therefore, the clinical experience rotations will be available on an as-needed basis. The flexibility is definitely very attractive to the insomniac in me. It makes me want to add another positive in my review of the course. I am seeing a pattern on my pro/con list. I have yet to detect a negative to enrolling in the Ketamine Academy. I am a born worrier and negativity surrounds us all. I immediately scan the website for the cost. That is where I am sure I will find fault.

I have researched programs that assist interested qualified health care practitioners become Ketamine providers and the options are limited and costly. I located two facilities offering to assist you in set up. It is expensive. I think it is out of this world expensive. The short term cost would keep me away. It cost close to 10,000 dollars to accept help setting up your own center. You may also find yourself in a situation where you are continuing to pay a long term cost of 40% of your future revenue. At The Ketamine Academy if you pay-in-full it is a reduced price of only $2,499! The website also has another method of covering the cost of the course with the payment option of 3 easy payments of 966.00 each. I feel as a business start up cost and the luxury of working for yourself providing a life saving therapy the cost is manageable. I will note here that The Ketamine Academy is offering a free trial, so why not give this opportunity some consideration? It is realistic for many of you. Bet on yourself.

The Ketamine Academy has potential to change your life. It will change the many lives of the Ketamine Infusion recipients and their family and friends.

The Ketamine Infusion Training Program is Doable. You will have the support you need from the moment you enroll straight through to opening day.


Join me next week when I share my part one of my Interview with the creator of The Ketamine Academy, Jason Duprat. Until then keep please keep educating yourself and others on the importance of Ketamine Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression.

Feel free to visit The Ketamine Academy to enroll in your dream today. If you are fascinated, but not yet ready to commit, I recommend the free trial to help you determine whether you want to invest in yourself and in this is new online Ketamine infusion training course.

In conclusion, If you know of anyone suffering with treatment resistant depression, like I do, let them know that Ketamine therapy may be an option worth looking into. It has been and continues to offer me relief from my symptoms. If you or someone you know are considering Ketamine infusion therapy, please visit for low cost ketamine infusion and injection options. If you are not in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area I also suggest approaching a local professional and start educating them on the benefits of Ketamine. Again, it doesn't hurt to ask for what you need.

I have been generating a Ketamine Providers and Locations list and I update it regularly. The provider list can be found here and on my personal website. This list may help you find a clinic in your city or state.


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