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5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Ketamine-Specific EHR

Why You Should Be Considering a Ketamine-Specific EHR

Choosing the perfect Electronic Health Record (EHR) can be quite the adventure for any healthcare provider. However, the term "EHR" should not be scary if you're armed with the right information. In this blog, let's look into the reasons why a ketamine-specific EHR could be your secret weapon in delivering top-notch patient care and saving time.

Is a Ketamine-Specific EHR a Good Fit for You?

We've had enlightening conversations with hundreds of clinicians nationwide who attest to the value of having a ketamine-specific EHR for their ketamine patients. This holds true whether you're launching a new clinic with a focus on ketamine therapy or incorporating ketamine treatment into your existing practice. Let's explore the top reasonswhy:

Ketamine Treatment Calls for Unique Workflows

A well-designed ketamine EHR should be a time-saver, given that it's tailor-made for this type of treatment. Key elements such as ketamine-specific chart notes, patient follow-ups, and more are essential for delivering efficient and effective IV ketamine therapy. These components also play a vital role in protecting your practice from a medico-legal standpoint.

Many healthcare bosses have shared that their current EHRs lack any relevant documentation for ketamine, leading to time-consuming manual note-taking or, even worse, scanning loose papers into each patient's chart. Some have resorted to the old-school pen and paper method, resulting in piles of paperwork. By adopting an EHR that automates their workflow, providers have reported saving an average of 15 minutes per patient visit. That's a significant saving in terms of opportunity cost.

Consider an EHR like Osmind EHR, which is purpose-built for ketamine practices. It features fully electronic intake, ketamine treatment chart notes, and outcomes tracking. The clinical note, designed by a team with over 25 years of experience in ketamine therapy, is structured to follow the patient's treatment journey, from ROS/MSE/eval to dosing and vitals, and finally, discharge. The note can even be duplicated, allowing you to start each subsequent infusion with the same information from the previous session. An iPad-friendly EHR is a bonus, enabling you or your nurse to carry it into the treatment room.

Hot Take

Ketamine-specific EHR is a game-changer for healthcare providers offering ketamine therapy. Not only does it streamline workflows and save time, but it also enhances patient care. It's high time to embrace technology and say goodbye to the pen and paper method. After all, we're in the 21st century, Healthcare Bosses!

If you have not started your own Ketamine Practice yet, register for our Ketamine Clinic masterclass to learn how you can step by step build your own clinic. 


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