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The 3 Principles Providers Must Know To Start And Grow A Profitable Self Pay Clinic

In This Free Training You Will Also Discover...

  • Why opening your own private clinic is a better decision than going back to school for another degree.

  • ​Why a ketamine clinic is the best to open because doesn't require a ton of extra time or money to start.

  • How to navigate scope of practice so you know the best way to start your clinic with your specific license (also a must-watch for non-physicians).

  • ​Free Startup Cost Calculator will show you what your clinic startup costs would be in your area.

  • ​Plus get a 14-day preview of our AANA approved online training Program.


Jason A. Duprat MBA, MSA, APRN, CRNA
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Ketamine Practice Founder & Mentor who has helped hundreds of medical professionals become succesful ketamine therapy providers and practice owners.

Read What Some Of Our Students Have To Say
ketamine academy online CE training program review

Absolutely instrumental for opening my clinic

“This course was ABSOLUTELY instrumental in opening my MindScape Ketamine & Infusion Therapy, PLLC in Houston, TX. I researched other methods but for the price and information obtained from the course it was hands down the best value bar none!!”

Dr. Henderson 

ketamine academy course review

Make sure you take this course if you want to open your OWN KETAMINE CLINIC

"This is the course to take if you have wondered how in the heck you will know if you've covered everything before you open your own clinic.  This course takes you from step one which explains why you should open a clinic.  The best part of the entire course is Jason provides the forms and literature already.  You have to do minimal research.  Jason does it all.  You can't beat the price when everything is included.  Not only that, you can get pre approved CEU's from the AANA.  What a deal!!!!"

Kathy Burgess

ketamine academy online course review

Great course for all!  

 have been looking to offer Ketamine Services in my clinic for some time and this course was a complete source for all my needs. CEUs, Forms, References were all great and the course progressed in a logical manner. Highly recommend. Jason is great. Thank you so much for this resource. 
Kristopher Brown CRNA

ketamine academy training review

More than you expect

" found that I learned more than I expected with course, it covers everything from literature reviews to first hand patient experiences. It truly gives you the tools to start your own practice with sound expert advice!"

Maricel Reighard

ketamine academy student review

Save time and money

“Investing in this course saved me hours of research. From clinic set up to consent and flowsheet (templates provided), to the fundamentals of being a business owner, Ketamine Academy left no stone unturned!!”

Amy Beth CRNA

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