Becoming A Ketamine Therapy Provider Will Allow You To Earn A Great Income, Reclaim  Your Schedule & Help Patients 

Excellent, very helpful, provided exactly what I needed as an MD who has never run his own clinic. Very practical advice all the way down to where to get good deals on equipment and supplies, how to process payments, issues with scope of practice, insurance, and building leases. Thank you so much for helping me to start out right and avoid making a myriad of mistakes"

Eric Milbrandt MD

Ketamine Infusion Therapy Course

This program provides the best opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skill necessary to provide safe and highly effective ketamine infusion therapy.


We can assure you that the content that has included in this course relies upon rich academic, clinical, and business experience. The content in this course adheres to the guidelines and recommendations published by The American Psychiatric Association, The American Society of Anesthesiologists, The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, and The American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists, and Practitioners.

The Ketamine Infusion Therapy Program by Ketamine Academy is a comprehensive online program that combines theory with knowledge gained from practicing. We have included all major aspects of ketamine therapy that have practical clinical value. In this course, you will learn step-by-step the art and science of ketamine therapy as well as how to start and grow a ketamine infusion practice. The information contained in this course is also highly valuable for those practitioners who already have a practice and would like to learn how to add ketamine infusion therapy to their existing practice.

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