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Becoming A Ketamine Therapy Provider Will Allow You To Earn A Great Income, Reclaim  Your Schedule & Help Patients.

Excellent, very helpful, provided exactly what I needed as an MD who has never run his own clinic. Very practical advice all the way down to where to get good deals on equipment and supplies, how to process payments, issues with scope of practice, insurance, and building leases. Thank you so much for helping me to start out right and avoid making a myriad of mistakes"

Eric Milbrandt MD

Ketamine Therapy Training Program Overview

Click the video to turn on the sound. 

Benefits of Becoming a Ketamine Therapy Provider

Provide an Innovative Treatment Option

​Become one of only a few hundred clinicians in the U.S. providing an advanced and in-demand treatment option for depression, PTSD, and chronic pain, helping patients who haven't responded to traditional therapies.

Revenue Model Flexibility

​Ketamine therapy can be a cash-based or an insurance-based service.  Data suggests that IV ketamine therapy infusions may provide better results, but due to out-of-pocket costs, it is not within reach of lower-income patients. You can choose to serve the cash-pay population to avoid all the hassles associated with health insurance billing and reimbursement, or you can opt to provide Spravato, which is the nasal esketamine that is covered by many insurance companies. The choice is 100% yours. 

Low Start-Up Costs

You can start providing ketamine therapy in as little as a single pre-existing exam room or start in a small office. You can also start as a solo clinician or scale up and build a team. 

Happy & Healthy Patients 

The reason ketamine therapy is so successful is that the majority of patients who have failed other treatments can see symptom relief in just a few hours. Unlike other medications that can take weeks or months to take effect, ketamine therapy results are practically immediate and have a higher response rate. 

Finally, We Provide Everything You Need To Get Started Offering Ketamine Therapy Services

We take all the guesswork out of providing ketamine therapy services. Our online training programs also allow you to learn anytime and anywhere. They are taught by licensed clinicians and ketamine clinic founders. We provide every video lesson, form, template, ketamine protocol, and checklist you need to start offering ketamine therapy. We leave no stone unturned, and we are committed to ensuring every clinician who completes our training program feels confident that they can safely provide low-dose ketamine therapy in their practice. We even provide our students with access to our instructors for any questions they may have. 

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